About Thea

Technology is your friend and so am I. Ask me the questions others have been too busy to answer. I will help you learn how to unlock the potential in your devices and understand what they can do for you.

My services begin with a comfortable conversation. I offer free fifteen minute phone consultations to get to know you, find out what your problem is, and provide an estimate. If I can fix your problem in that short phone call, the service is free.
I can set up your new device or computer, from OS installation to software selection, or keep your beloved old machine working for as long as possible. I also provide purchase advice, matching the machine to your needs. I offer tutoring from computer basics to specialty software packages, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod help.

Thea smiling with hands in air

I can host your Zoom meeting, leaving you free to be part of it, or I can teach you how to use Zoom effectively yourself. I work primarily on Zoom, so you don’t have to make a trip to the store to get the help you need.
Are you having trouble finding your pictures or your files? Is your email overwhelming? I can organize your digital life and show you how to keep it that way.
What makes me different is my patience and my ability to speak the language of the person I’m helping, instead of resorting to tech-speak. I genuinely like people and always like making another friend. My goal is to teach you what you need to know so you can get back to your project instead of wrestling with your tools. Call me, and let’s see if I can help you. It will probably take less time than you think.

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