What people are saying about me and my work with them.

Brenda R.

Somebody up there must love me, and here’s how I know: These days, whenever I’ve looked at my Mac and didn’t know what in the world to do with it, it was as if somebody was whispering in my ear: “Call thea@macnanny.net.”  
Thank you, Thea, for your skill and patience. I could not have pulled off that Zoom workshop without you.  

Melani V.

Thea my Mac Nanny has helped me out many times with my computer problems, some of which have been pretty weird. I am not computer-illiterate, but I’m not a techie either. Thea has never made me feel stupid because of some computer problem I didn’t recognize and understand. And she has always taken however much time was necessary to solve the problem.

Cheryl C.

Thea Mac Nanny is wonderful!! I have many Mac devices and I’m Dyslexic. Often other Mac knowledgeable people talked too fast and used tech words that were why over my head. They also had very little patience when I didn’t understand what they were saying. Thea Mac Nanny taught me so much, because of her great communication skills, expertise and patience. My husband agrees she’s the best!!!

Elizabeth L.

Mac Nanny Thea is an amazing resource for all things Mac and Apple. She knows all models of Mac computers from ancient to just released and is comfortable using all operating systems. For example, I didn’t want to lose iPhoto so I am keeping 10.6.8 as my operating system.  Thea suggested not upgrading my MacBook Pro and keeping that computer as is in order to use iPhoto then using the new MacBook Air for all new work. This should work fine. Besides her knowledge, Thea’s manner in helping is so reassuring.  She is calm and gives all directions in a logical, step-wise manner.

Liz M.

I have known Thea for over 15 years. Whenever I have had a question that involves a Mac, she had been right there. One of the things I love about the Mac Nanny Service is the care and compassion that is shown to the client. I have never felt talked down to or been made to feel that I should know this stuff already!
Call the Mac Nanny and let her take care of your problems!

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