Apple’s WWDC21 “Developer’s Conference

The Keynote was over an hour and had a lot packed in it. It started with welcoming developer’s and sends out Apple’s message on diversity. New operating systems all around. IOS 15 and it’s cool new Facetime app that now will let you share screen.

A thing you can do on Zoom already. I found an article on the Forbes web site about the three reasons that Zoom isn’t worried.

 Apple also promised that Facetime will work in the web-browser on an Android or Windows system. So you can now Facetime with everyone. It was IOS 14 that gave you the ability to move Apps from your iPad over to your Mac, if you were running OS 11. And now it’s easier to work form all devices as though they are one.

Apple has updated Notifications with a new summery. Wallet with it storing your digital keys and Driver’s License known as digital ID is a bit intimidating even though they say how encrypted it all is, Maps are more three dimensional and show more lanes.

The privacy setting in iCloud and Safari being able to hide your IP address is what I would call an improvement. More in-depth on MacRoumers.

 I also like the iCloud’s new Account Recovery where you give the names of people you trust, so when you forget your password they get sent a text with a code to give to you. And the Legacy Contact being used for someone that you assign, that can get your Apple information after you’re dead. A little morbid but useful. I never use the Health app but that’s got more to it as well. Things you can share with your doctor using the data from your iWatch. New system WatchOS8 has all this.

A lot on the automated house which I don’t have and don’t think I will in the near future.

Apple goes on to introduces us to the new OS12. I found a list on ars-technica that tells you which devices will work with the new OS.

This means that your older devices will becoming out dated. the oldest MacBook Pro to be able to run this will be from 2015. The last two things talked about is how customizable Safari is, and Xcode for developers. It all looks very clean, fast and capable making you want to new things so you, “Can Get More Done.” I will go back to see what the week has in-store but I think that’s all I’ll have time for.

If you have any questions about any of these new features just let me know.

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