Resetting your Apple ID password

Years ago I was helping people reset their passwords on their Apple ID’s all the time. There wasn’t any a how to on the Apple web site then. Now Apple has made it so easy to do. They have a page dedicated to just that. Changing you Apple password. I was going to show howContinue reading “Resetting your Apple ID password”

Technology Stands Still For No One!

Technology is ever moving and changing. Always looking for the fastest, newest and easiest to use things. It needs to be these things to be something that everyone wants and can use. Everything is ever upgrading and going faster. This is true for everything in the Tech World. Today I went to my bookmarks toContinue reading “Technology Stands Still For No One!”

Unique Offer from the Mac Nanny

Thea, the Mac Nanny here, reaching out to you with some updates. It’s a vacation! “At last!” From July 29th to August 8th. You won’t be able to get hold of me and I wanted to make sure you knew.  If you need to book some time I have some open spots available next week. Then. Drum roll please…Continue reading “Unique Offer from the Mac Nanny”

Hopping to Save You Time or Money

Back when I worked in the shop, and there was a Apple operating system upgrade, people would come in ask if their machine could run it, or worse they would buy a machine that couldn’t run the newest. Then they would want to know why this person, or that person sold them the machine. ThereContinue reading “Hopping to Save You Time or Money”

Apple’s WWDC21 “Developer’s Conference

The Keynote was over an hour and had a lot packed in it. It started with welcoming developer’s and sends out Apple’s message on diversity. New operating systems all around. IOS 15 and it’s cool new Facetime app that now will let you share screen. A thing you can do on Zoom already. I foundContinue reading “Apple’s WWDC21 “Developer’s Conference”

In The Beginning

My fist blog post had to start somewhere, Here it is. I have been working on my business plan so long that I did realize that Apple was coming out with their WWCD21,(World Wide Developers Conference,) this Monday. I’ve never been able to watch the Keynotes presentation before and now it’s part of my job.Continue reading “In The Beginning”