This Is Where I’ve Been

The Witch @ WGs

It was all a bit much to try to keep up with blogging and working my last job. For the sake of all involved I will call the company WG because I don’t need to add any bad press. In my endeavor to run my own business I came up against the very real fact that my marking needs a lot of work. No new customers because I’m still learning this and the bills won’t take that as a good answer. Still have to pay them money. So I went out and got a job. I applied to many places but WG was the only place that answered back. When I was hired I told them that I wanted part time only because I was working on My business and I thought we could work well together. Being told that this wouldn’t be a problem I started working for them. The first sign I missed was being put on a full time schedule and the second was having my days off split up. Then came my schedule changing every week. After all that I was moved to a new location. I had told them that I take the bus and it is harder to get around on the weekends and becomes more, and more so when you add night to the mix. This was ignored and my schedule got worse.

October 1st I bought a witch’s hat and was dared to put it on and ware it at work. Now anyone one that knows me knows this is not a challenge for me but more of a invitation. So I did and preceded to ware it every day after that. I became known as the Witch at WGs.

Maybe it was the hat or maybe it was my experience of so many other retail jobs but I saw a pattern it WG’s behavior. They were seeing how much I would take. If I would just do my job and be the good little worker. My schedule went for seven days straight and I wasn’t able to do anything else or even think about anything else. It was a piling of one more thing and you just have to do this last thing. When I got a offer from The UC Theater in Berkeley and hired, I quit WGs. It didn’t take me as long to see the way I was being treated and even less time to get back out. I’m back to being the Mac Nanny and am ready to help. My new job is really part time and I can schedule days off. It’s a theater job so I feel very at home. Now to up dating my logo. If you are not appreciated after a month you never will be. Trust me on that.

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