Unique Offer from the Mac Nanny

Thea, the Mac Nanny here, reaching out to you with some updates. It’s a vacation! “At last!” From July 29th to August 8th. You won’t be able to get hold of me and I wanted to make sure you knew.  If you need to book some time I have some open spots available next week. Then. Drum roll please… The unique offer. I’m announcing my new referral program!  You refer me to someone and they book an hour or more of time with me, the first hour is half off. You will also be eligible for an hour of my time at half off. That is an hour of my time for each of you at only $37.50! How about that! All your friend has to do is be a new customer and tell me that you referred them to me. Make sure they know to tell me that You referred me to them. My free 15 minute consultations are also still available, just call! 

My website has been updated with a fresh new look and I am creating an FAQ page. I need your help! Please send any burning computer questions to me at thea@macnanny.net I will still be posting helpful articles and news I find to help you with your Mac products, so keep checking my website!

Lastly. If we’ve worked together I’d like you to be represented as one of my customers on my Testimonials page. Please, please, please, send me a picture of you that you like, with a review of our time together. Pictures with you and your pets are always welcome. More when I get back.

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